The University of Wisconsin–Madison Macintosh Users Group

OMG We're back again!

WiscMUG has always had a strong foothold at the University of Wisconsin. Early members are now working along side the industry leaders in computer science. This group always functioned as a safe space for nerds to nerd out about nerd stuff. Where else can you have hour long discussions on the latest OSX update or server side rendering? These days, most of these discussions take place online but this doesn't give us enough practice having these conversations in person. Unfortunately, face to face conversation is still an essential tool in any Apple-lovers toolkit (along with their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook Air, lol).

What's in store for WiscMUG?

A great question, indeed.

Our first focus is developing a community around Apple products. This means not just as consumers, but technical users. We believe these products should be accessible to everyone so we'll be very much interested in discussing how to make high-end technology more inclusive and transparent.

Our second focus is bridging the gap between life inside the University of Wisconsin and the world outside. We aim to prepare everyone for careers and also build partnerships with businesses to add value to our membership. For example, we already have a pretty awesome partnership in the works with an ecommerce retailer called Orchard. They are offering an exclusive discount on the iPhone 6S to our members and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it. We'll have more details on this offer during our first meeting!

In a similar vein, we recommend looking at resources like buying a refurb MacBook when getting set up for your semester. Sourcing out stuff like this is a lot of work so feedback on whether this is useful would be appreciated!

Ok guys! See you soon! Aimee over and out ;)

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